Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist

Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement SpecialistThe Electronic Health records and Reimbursement Specialist program prepares you for proper handling of patient data, fundamental records and document management, medical office procedures and more.

This Program is NOT approved for VA Benefits because it is only available in Mentor Learning Format.

Time required for completion: 6 months program/self paced potential

Certifications: Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist, Certified Billing and Coding and Microsoft Office Specialist

Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED

Certification Exam: CEHRS, CBCS, and MOS

Summaries of Electronic Health Records Courses:

  • 1013 - Microsoft Excel Levels 1, 2 and 3: Students will create, edit, enhance, and display information in worksheets and workbooks.
  • Microsoft Word Levels 1, 2 and 3: Students will learn basic and advanced concepts to produce business documents
  • 1014 - Human Anatomy Physiology and Medical Terminology: Learn the origin of medical terms including learning how to build, analyze, and define medical terms using word parts. Define medical terms for each body system and recognize common abbreviations used in each body system and specialty area
  • 1015 - Insurance and Billing, and Coding Esstentials: This course includes ICD9 & CPT coding, billing, and reimbursement process and understanding insurance companies.
  • 1018 - Electronic Heath Records: This Module provides students with the skills and expertise needed for development and maintenance of electronic health records in both facility and private practice environments