Build a Stronger Team in 90-minutes

Time is valuable, but so is investing in your team's success.

SkillBytes – bite-size lessons with a lifelong impact – gives compact but thoughtful and high-overview lessons on some of our top courses and training. These 90-minute lessons will give your team the tools they need to succeed in their roles without pulling them away from their work.

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Here are our current available lessons, with more to come:

Microsoft Excel
  • Functioning with Formulas: Set up your spreadsheets with formulas and functions and learn how to preview and print a WorkBook.
  • Data Is King: See how you can consolidate and forecast your data in Excel.
  • Chart and Pivot to Success: See how you can chart and pivot your data to review growth and progress.
Microsoft Outlook
  • An Outlook Made for You: Customize your Outlook experience to fit your workflow.
  • Connecting With Purpose: Effectively manage your contact, messages, and calendar settings.
Microsoft Project
  • Project 101: Set up your projects to fit your workflow, from adding tasks to managing resources.
  • Project Progress & Reports: Update plans, view progress and report data across multiple projects.
Microsoft Visio
  • Visual Organization: Build organizational charts, design floor plans, and design a network diagram.
  • Customizing & Creating: Learn how to create custom tools and how to connect them to your external data.


Microsoft OneNote
  • OneNote 101: Improve your work process with templates, embedding and attaching files, and more.
Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Developing a Successful Presentation: Learn how to elevate your presentation with PowerPoint tools.
  • Powering Up Your Presentations: Add flair to your presentation with charts, media, and customization delivery.
Microsoft Teams
  • Be a Team Player: Discover how to use Teams to collaborate among your team with meetings and channels.
Microsoft Word
  • Working More Efficiently: Learn to efficiently use Word, from managing lists to adding tables.
  • Customizing Your Experience: See how you can customize your Word experience to fit your workflow.
  • Securely Collaborating in Word: Learn how to collaborate on documents from track changes, automating tasks to restricting document access.